We provide Support Coordination and Good Life Planning for NDIS participants and their families, and provide Consultancy and tailored Training programs for disability service providers and community organisations.


Support Coordination is available to people who have Support Coordination or Specialist Support Coordination approved in their NDIS plan, as well as people who have flexible funding for Training for family and carers.

Our Consultancy is available for organisations proactively looking to improve the accessibility of their services for those living with complex neurological disabilities.

We are certified trainers who can design and deliver specialised training programs to equip your business with the tools to better understand and support those with specific accessibility needs.

Support Coordination

As your Support Coordinator we will identify your individual needs so that we can personalise and tailor your supports and services to help you reach your goals and implement your vision.

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We work together with you to build your capacity to understand the NDIS, your plan, funding options and mainstream supports so that you are included and connected with community.

Harnessing your choice and control is at the heart of what we do. We will be guided by you and your wishes.

We keep an eye on your budget to optimise your spending, coordinate multi-disciplinary team meetings, write reports for the National Disability Insurance Agency, and help you prepare for plan reviews.

We are a core part of your team and are with you each step of the way.

Specialised Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination involves everything we do for Support Coordination; however, it is funded by the NDIS when there are additional complexities with someone’s disabilities or their circumstances.

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This is a higher level of support coordination for people whose situations who need specialist support. It is provided by a professional with an Allied health background or someone with Psychological expertise.

We facilitate engagement with broader systems of supports, such as health, justice and education services.

We provide assistance to resolve points of crisis, provide coordination during an emergency and focus on developing capacity and resilience in your family and broader network.

Specialist Support Coordination is generally funded for a limited time until the necessary supports are in place and things are working well to support you.

Good Life Planning

People with a disability and their families deserve to have a good life, to belong and be included in their community and to strive to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

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Many of us can get overwhelmed with the day-to-day activities of life, and can get stuck in the weeds, maybe losing sight of where we want to go. That’s why we can use a Good Life Plan.

We start with the social model of disability that focuses on the changes to the physical, attitudinal, communication and social environment to enable equal participation in all aspects of life.

We then build on that to develop a roadmap for the future that encompasses your vision and goals for your Good Life, and helps you start to implement it – wherever you are on the journey.

You don’t have to have everything planned out from the beginning. Your Good Life Plan can be a collection of small goals that help create a rich, vibrant bigger picture.

It is a dynamic and flexible plan, that can adjust with you and your changing circumstances.

Training Services

We are certified trainers who design and deliver specialised training for families/carers, disability support providers, and businesses who support people with intellectual disability, neurological challenges, and/or complex needs.

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We can help you upskill your abilities as an Effective Communication Partner, to ensure there’s more dignity, understanding, and choice/control for both you and your participants.

For those either transitioning out of school, turning 16 years old, or turning 18 years old, we will equip your families and support providers with the tools, understanding, and confidence needed when effectively navigating these milestone transitions.

We also develop tailored resources for the benefit of families/support workers, disability providers, but most importantly…to benefit the participants.